This information guided visionary Paolo Lugari so you can their choice to build a sustainable tropical society inside Colombia

On world’s population set-to double within this half a century, individuals will in the future need go on property previously noticed unlivable. The guy explained to a small grouping of scientists, agronomists, engineers, and you will doctors he sensed they had about three choices for in which to develop yet another community: shed on the Colombian Amazon, perform some exact same to Este Choco, the huge rainforest on the Colombia’s western coast, or preseve the newest forests and you may go after him to los llanos, the brand new bare flatlands eastern of one’s Andes. Into the 1971, Lugari wager a state they twenty-five,000 acres of one’s llanos, where class began to transform the new bad earth inside the Colombia towards the magic community away from Gaviotas.

Gaviotas was a compound out-of neat white cottages that have laminated roofs, shaded from the mango woods and you may bougainvillea. The brand new air try gardenia-scented; yellow warblers and amazing scarlet tanagers sing-in the fresh new woods. You’ll find invitees home, a great refectory, commissary, and you may university. Around the an area horses graze before a meeting hallway that have a radically vaulted rooftop. Its aerodynamic looks is actually echoed by clusters out-of brilliantly coated family homes, whose pitched roofs is actually studded that have solar power panels. Solar power drinking water temperatures systems developed on Gaviotas now temperatures drinking water within the brand new president’s palace inside the Bogota, and in the three largest public homes improvements – that having eight,five hundred units – inside Bogota and Medellin. In the Clinica San Pedro Claver, among the many country’s most significant healthcare facilities, Gaviotas was establishing not only solar power hot-water heaters, however, boilers, coaxing regarding Bogota’s cloudy climate heat sufficiently very hot so you can sterilize products around the clock.

Though Gaviotas families keeps their kitchens, they primarily eat in the open-air dining area. A hundred-as well as some one assemble from the long dining tables for lentil soups, green salad, rice, meat-and-potato stew, cassava, and you will papaya juice. Create, chicken, pork, and you may seafood are created right here.

Custom Windmill Fuel

Brilliant aluminium sunflowers rule brand new method to Gaviotas. Even though this tropical basic floats atop an enormous subterranean lake, Indians and you may early settlers was required to transport drinking water of muddy channels. Jorge Zapp, direct of mechanized technology company off Bogota’s Universidad de- Los Andes, read 58 different types of windmills ahead of carrying out a custom design to pump the latest llanos. The effect is a concise tool weighing rarely kuuma Islanti tyttГ¶ 100 weight, their knife information contoured like airplane wings to pitfall delicate equatorial breezes.

Gaviotas provided the opportunity to package a tropical civilization on surface up, instead of according to tech build having north environments. “When we import possibilities in the You or Europe,” said Lugari, inventor out-of Gaviotas, “i and transfer the problems.”

Historically Gaviotas mechanics has actually strung tens of thousands of the fresh windmills across Colombia – here and there gaviotas ‘s the local keyword having windmill. As the Gaviotas does not want to patent inventions, preferring to talk about her or him easily, the form could have been copied out of Central The united states in order to Chile.

Power comes from the lowest-lead wind generator running on a movement, except in the quick lifeless seasons, if it’s copied by the an excellent diesel generator. “Inside the 24 many years there is discovered to pay for 70 percent of our own as well as times demands,” claims Gonalo Bernal, manager out of Gaviotas. “Brand new trees i plant more compensate for one greenhouse gases we develop. What if all of those other business existed such as for example united states.”

Colombia’s Model Urban area

Gaviotas began once the a collection of boffins, people, and laborers sharing vehicles, bedding, food, clothes – and you may ilies registered them and a permanent nest which have individual house came up. Bodies is actually because of the opinion and you can unwritten rules. To limitation societal ailment, alcoholic beverages are restricted so you can homes. To preserve wildlife, dogs and you may weapons was banished. An incredible importance of cops, prison, otherwise door locks have not developed. Anybody who violates process, such as for example good storekeeper which recently accepted to help you overcharging, is ostracized from the community until their debt try paid down. Loafers commonly tolerated, however with wages over the Colombian minimum wage, also free items, health care, colleges, and you can houses, loafing actually problems.

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