Here are some tips out-of what to expect whenever relationship within the Korea just like the a foreigner

So, you’ve matched with some someone. Delivered particular texts. Traded Kakao ID’s and today you’re happy to see this person in real-world. Just like any big date otherwise meet and you may welcome, it is vital to feel at ease with the person you’re appointment, in addition to not to hold off long before going ahead and appointment into the person when the matchmaking otherwise a family having work with situation is your purpose.


Two things you can essentially expect to your an initial go out that have an effective Korean. You will always be questioned these types of questions towards the day when the not just before, “In which have you been from?”…“Why are you inside the Korea?”… “How much time will you stay in Korea?”… “Why not possess a great boyfriend?”… Either the new early, “Should i end up being your boyfriend?” but unfailingly they always ask, “What age could you be?”.

Many years continues to be a majority of one’s Korean culture, they find the steps of who’s the leader during the table.


That it performs for the consuming society. The new youngest person is to pour new products that have a few give. The fresh new youngest body is always supposed to hide the cup that have their give once they take in as well. I ignore one area, but I will get away with a lot of things while the a foreigner.

But not anything is definite, you always have to take in at the same time. Basically grab my personal glass for taking a drink, my Korean date can sometimes rush mid-chew for too. It’s variety of unpleasant – particularly since I’m able to constantly away take in one another – however for probably the most region Koreans handle its soju better. I’ve found you to drinking is a big element of matchmaking right here…even if complete revelation: I am regarding Wisconsin, therefore i generally stop times with individuals who don’t drink or try not to delight in ingesting.

The bill.

However different people possess the personal needs to have make payment on statement, but normally in the Korea the earliest body’s accountable for expenses. When you are this new oldest and a foreigner, you can aquire aside having saying, “Why don’t we broke up the bill”. I have found it functions well to expend in series. Maybe you make basic round right after which they could shell out for the next drink, coffee, or treat order. Koreans are extremely sympathetic to help you unaware foreign people who don’t know their social norms.


Various other social observation worth bringing up would be the fact whenever Koreans day with loved ones, it’s generally carried out in series; restaurants and you will products, coffees, so much more drinks, etcetera. Schedules was similar. It is rather typical that your particular go out would like to first satisfy for dinner, immediately after which perhaps a drink, immediately after which other passion, and one. To make changing paying the expenses much easier.

The latest Korean rounds concept is very good, since you may alter locations and you will manage a number of different big date activities. But not this might be unpleasant when two of you try indecisive and you will low-coordinators. Tip: has an in the past-right up package, magic plan, or even be okay inquiring and you will responding practical question “So, what exactly do you want to do next?” once or twice throughout your go out.

Version of dates

Generally, times can be regular given that exactly what I’ve experienced back home. You find a common attract, and determine that which you one another want to do once you fulfill. Below are a few of one’s well-known schedules I was with the while staying in Korea.

Normal eating times.

Both of you must consume best? Really among the best date that is first food is Korean Bbq. I believe, Korean Barbeque has actually the makings out of the best date that is first. Really Korean men would state their most favorite meals is samgyeopsal (grilled pork stomach), therefore they’ll be satisfied. And it’s really really easy to the soju, alcohol, and you may we hope discussion in order to flow when you are waiting around for brand new chicken in order to barbeque grill. Make sure to ask your date just what a common ratio regarding soju to alcohol (maekju) are, into primary somaek mix.

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